Many still photographers rely on Front Row for their coverage. We offer the advantage of online shopping with low rates, a low $350 deductible on equipment, flexible options and a policy in minutes with no need to talk to a broker.

All equipment is full replacement costs coverage for: theft, damage, fire and loss of use.  

Please note that coverage under this program is only available for Canadian residents at this time. 

There is no need to speak to a broker and an insurance company underwriter is not involved so the cost to process an insurance policy is much less online and we have passed the savings on  in the form of a less expensive policy. 

What makes Front Row’s custom insurance for still photographers the Industry best:

Front Row Other Programs
No Minimum Premium Yes No
Worldwide Equipment Coverage Territory Yes Yes
Automatic $10,000 Office Contents Coverage + $5,000 in Laptop Coverage Yes Extra Charge
$15,000 of Money & Securities Yes No
$10,000 of coverage for newly acquired equipment for up to 30-days Yes Yes
Commercial General Liability is available on a stand-alone basis Yes No
Coverage for Earthquake & Flood included up to your full Equipment Values Yes No
$7,500 of Library Stock ("Portfolio") Coverage Yes No

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Insuring your equipment with Front Row will be an easy and simple process that will leave you feeling confident that your equipment is protected in the event of an insured loss. An affordable and comprehensive photography equipment insurance package is waiting for you.

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